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the world of gaming & esports

We are here to help your brand find the best connection to the gaming and esports world. As an independent gaming agency, we aim to create the most efficient projects for your brand.


Gaming is the fastest growing business in the entertainment industry
— even bigger than the film and music industries combined, and rising by 5% every year.1) Why Esport?

There are 2.7 billion gamers around the world.2)
They are more likely to have a high income and a full-time job, spend more on digital media, and are more likely to shop online or purchase a premium service.3)

  • 72% of gamers are 18 or older 4)
  • 500 million viewers watch esports regularly 5)
  • 140 million monthly viewers on 6)
  • 51% of gamers want more brands to enter the gaming industry 7)

1) Statista Video Game Market Value | 2) Gaming Market - Growth, Trends, Forecast (2020-2025) | 3, 5) Newzoo Esport Report 2020 | 4) Statista Global gamers by age and gender | 6) Twitch Tracker 2021 | 7) Momentum Gaming Insights 2019

Selected Works

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Vodafone Czech Video Games Championship

Branding of streams and the event as such, accompanying activities and activations including Vodafone chill-out zone, competitions connected to the event.

500 000 reach | 50 000 people at the event | positive feedback from the gaming community

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Hitpoint Masters Winter 2020

We created a full esports strategy for Mastercard and executed a partnership with the biggest CZ/SK league, esports team and a gaming influencer.

1 000 000+ reach | exclusive branded content | positive feedback from the community

We help brands
level up in
the gaming world. What do we do?

Creative Strategy and Brand Development

We create tailor-made gaming projects: from a small campaign to a full esports strategy for your brand.

Offline & Online Event Production

Gaming is a highly competitive environment, providing an excellent opportunity to build strong relationships with gamers through various events.

Influencers and Professional Gamers

Gaming has its own superstar. And they are in the very homes of your customers, actively communicating with them. Let’s use their ability to meaningfully present your brand.

A Good Team

Ladislav Dyntar

Founder & CEO

After almost 20 years in gaming, Láďa has extensive experience with both amateur and professional gamer audiences. He is your guy to set up the right strategy in the segment.

Laura Havlová


Here to make the processes smooth, expectations real and advertising dreams come true. Focused on effective and efficient communication.

Jan Benda


A passionate gamer & enthusiastic creative mind with knowledge of the latest trends that will make your communication as relevant as possible.

Jan Suda


Honza knows who your target audience is and how to reach them. Will deep dive into data to make everything happen just right.

Jiří Johanides


Esports caster, analyst and enthusiast. Jiří knows gaming from both players' and brands' point of view and will make sure your communication meets the expectations of the gaming world.